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How the Use of Supplements Affects Sports Performance

A very important thing to remember about supplements is that safety and effectiveness are not guaranteed even though they are in stores. In fact, you want to avoid products with claims such as: quick and easy, right for everyone, used for millions of years or claims it has a secret forumulation. Also avoid products that belittle the medical or scientific community.

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Jessica Buschmann: Effectiveness and safety are not guaranteed once they hit the store shelves. However, they can be pulled from the store shelves once they are determined to be unsafe. So it's a little backwards.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you want to avoid products with the following claims: boosts that is quick and easy, uses testimonials from "real users" to promote its benefits, claims it's right for everyone, states it has been used for millions of years, belittles the medical or scientific community and has a secret formulation.

One of the most popular supplements that I get questions about is protein. The great thing about protein is that it's found in a variety of food sources, so including your meat, your fish, your dairy products, nuts, nut butters, all of these. Before you consider sports supplement to use, make sure that you contact your primary care physician to determine its adequacy.




The NCAA has guidelines for sports supplement to use and they have banned substances. So make sure that you do your research and you make sure you know what's going in to your body and what are in the supplements that you're taking.

Keep in mind the potential impact that using sports supplements can have on your overall athletic career.


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