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Healthy Snacking Part I

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day is an important part of the diet. A healthy snack should include a source of protein and carbohydrate. The protein helps the body stay fuller for a longer period of time. The carbohydrate helps supply the body with energy.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Snacking can make or break your diet. It's really important that you think about the quality of snacks that you're eating throughout the day. By eating a morning or an afternoon snack or maybe both, it can help prevent you from over eating later in the day. Eating every three to four hours is really ideal, sometimes that snack can pulled you over between lunch and dinner six or seven hours later. Let's talk about some healthy snacks that you might find at work. Combining some proteins and healthy fats and complex carbohydrates will help you feel satisfied, such as yogurt, or maybe a fruit smoothie, some foie toast with peanut butter, cottage cheese and fruit, or hardboiled egg with pretzels, they're all balance snacks. Consider keeping some snack items that work as well in your drawer, raw almonds or natural peanut butter can be combined with an apple you brought from home, low fat granola can be a topping for your Greek yogurt, and hummus can be left in the fridge to eat with your cut up vegetables you brought from home as well. Healthy snacking may help you maintain or lose weight, and surely healthy snacking will keep you energize all day long.


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