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Health Information Exchange

Nationwide Children's Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a safe and secure way for providers to get the most up-to-date patient information. The HIE functionality will allow participating health care providers have access to patient’s longitudinal health record allowing for improved care management, communication with other participating providers and cumulative lab results. 

Within the eClinicalWorks EMR, providers will have the ability to import structured data such as immunizations, medications and diagnoses directly into their current progress notes and patient’s chart.  The providers will also be able to view progress notes from other facilities as well as select patient documents that are exported to the HIE. 

Information exchanged throughout the HIE and participating providers include patient demographics, past medical and surgical history, hospitalizations, allergies and medications among other pertinent treatment information. 

Provider access to HIE includes:  

  • Emergency treatment – Medical staff can immediately check patient records to determine if allergies, medications or past concerns may be key factors in helping provide emergency care.
  • More accurate and complete information – Providers have access to more complete information, allowing for earlier diagnose or recommendations to help prevent problems from arising based on a patient’s health history.
  • Improved care – Offers a complete picture of a patient’s overall health to support care decisions, for example making recommendations and prescribing medications that will not have a negative impact on any other current medication or treatment.

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HIE Project

The aim of the HIE project is to improve patient care and reduce related costs in specifically defined, PFK-measured clinical areas using data obtained from the Health Information Exchange, specifically from consented patients across our eCW practices. Benefits to the practice include: Maximizing the utilization and investment made in the HIE and eCW, Increasing reimbursement (revenue) rates of patient services in the practice office and Increasing patient access to beneficial healthcare services by growing awareness of the clinical areas.

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