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Types of Headaches

Migraine and tension type headaches are the most commonly seen primary headaches in the pediatric population. About 10 percent of children and adolescents experience migraines. Tension headaches are more common, but usually less disruptive. Stress, poor sleep, dehydration, and other conditions such as depression and anxiety can influence headache frequency and intensity.
To assist us in making the correct diagnosis we ask families to bring a headache diary to the appointments. Details such as headache timing, frequency, severity, and accompanying symptoms (nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity) are used to determine the need for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.
Patients being evaluated in our comprehensive Headache Clinic are typically seen by a neurologist and/or pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in headache management. Depending on the child’s age and family interest, they may also be seen by a clinical psychologist with special expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy and biofeedback/relaxation therapy.

Physician Referral Information

The Headache Clinic accepts referrals from primary care physicians and pediatric specialists from the United States and internationally. To make a referral, there are three options:

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