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Group Volunteers

Guest Volunteering

Guest Volunteering is for groups of 3 or fewer adults aged 18 and older who are looking for a one time volunteer experience. These groups must work under the direct supervision of Nationwide Children's staff and are utilized to support patients and families in an activity group setting. Groups are usually scheduled at least a month in advance for opportunities on Monday through Wednesday evenings 6-8pm and Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm. Contact (614) 722-3635 or to discuss details.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read offers groups of 6 or more a one-time service opportunity that does not require a long-term commitment. For more information, contact

Groups that do not meet these criteria are encouraged to consider doing an indirect service project to support patients and families at Nationwide Children’s, or to contact other organizations in the community such as Ronald McDonald House, or

Entertainment and Special Events

Entertainment and Special Events are part of our healing environment and includes music, theater, dance, performance or other special events. We look for groups that are well rehearsed, have previous public entertainment experience, and who can perform or interact for 40 to 60 minutes. These events are booked on Monday through Thursday evenings, or Sunday afternoons at least one month in advance. Our November and December calendars are typically filled by October. Contact (614) 722-3635 or to discuss details.

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