Name: Jordan


  • Prematurity


Age at Treatment: Birth

Age Today: 5 Years

Meet Jordan

“Are you mentally prepared for this?” Jovanna asked her husband, Rance. “Are you ready if he’s not alive?”

The Robinsons were on the quietest and longest 9-hour drive the couple had ever been on. While in New Jersey at a dance competition for their daughter, Jovanna’s water broke.  She was only 23 weeks. They rushed to a local hospital where they learned that tiny Jordan was in a breech position and the barrier that protects him was broken.

“At 23 weeks, you are given the choice of whether or not you want your baby resuscitated when they are born,” says Jovanna.

Knowing that Jordan would need months of care, the couple decided to make the difficult and long drive to Columbus, Ohio, so that he could be born close to home. “We are a unit and the love, camaraderie, and friendship that has carried us through the years is truly the heart of why we feel we can make it through anything as a couple,” says Rance.

And at a mere 24 weeks, Jordan arrived via an emergency C-section. After a brief stay at Mount Carmel, he was transferred to Nationwide Children's NICU.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Newborn Intensive and Special Care Units is the largest neonatal network in the country and provides the most advanced treatments with the most sophisticated technology the world has to offer. We are big, but we care for the tiniest among us.

Jordan may be tiny, but he is surrounded by immeasurable love and courage. “Our ability to be strong for Jordan lies in our love for each other and our teamwork,” Rance says of Jovanna. The strides that Jordan has made so far are the manifestation of that synergy.

And Jordan also makes up for his size with his feistiness. “He definitely lets you know when he doesn’t like something,” says Jovanna. She says of when she holds him and sings to him, “I’ve hit a couple notes where he’s like ‘no, no, that’s not right, mom.’”

Rance describes holding Jordan for the first time as, “…like the first Christmas you can remember, your first kiss, your first car, your wedding… all wrapped into one.”

Jordan’s parents know how important the care and research at Nationwide Children's Hospital is for the future of  firsts for babies like Jordan everywhere - first birthday, first favorite toy and so many other firsts.

Born Four Months Premature: Jordan's Story
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