Name: Izzy


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia BPD


Age at Treatment: Birth

Age Today: 10 Years

Meet Izzy

Izabella, known as “Izzy,” has been loved fiercely by her mama and mommy long before she was even born. Izzy’s moms, Ashley and Kelly, found out about Izzy when her birth mother was 12 weeks pregnant. They knew right away that Izzy belonged in their family and that they needed to adopt her.

At 16 weeks, Izzy’s birth mother had an amniocentesis prenatal test, which is a test used to determine if a baby has a chromosomal abnormality. The test results came back. Izzy would be born with Down syndrome.

After this news, Izzy’s birth mom was terrified that they were going to change their mind about the adoption, but how could they? When Izzy’s moms looked at her ultrasound picture, all they could see was a perfect, beautiful little girl whom they already cared about so much. Of course they would still adopt her.

“Every child deserves to be loved, regardless of disability. Izzy is beautiful and has taught us that we are all more alike than we are different,” says Ashley, Izzy’s mom.

From the very first day of her life, Izzy has demonstrated her strong will to live. Her first week of life was spent in the NICU. Since then, she’s been admitted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital several times for various issues, with Respiratory syncytial virus and pneumonia being two of the scares. Izzy still receives treatment Nationwide Children’s, but continues to persevere.

“We get to look at our now 6-year-old daughter and be thankful we were given the opportunity to love her,” says Kelly, Izzy’s mom. “There are so many doctors, nurses and staff that stands out in regards to Izzy’s treatment. But, if it wasn’t for Dr. Anne May and her kind-hearted, genuine friendship to us – we would be lost. We only trust Nationwide Children’s Hospital when it comes to our daughter’s care.”

Izzy may be nonverbal, but never has a hard time getting her point across. She has a spunky, spitfire personality and doesn’t like it when others make her do things. She likes to do everything in her own time, on her own terms.

A student at Circleville Elementary, Izzy enjoys learning and spending time with her favorite teacher. She knows exactly what she likes – and that’s Mickey Mouse! Izzy currently owns 7 different stuffed Mickey Mouse toys and it’s the only show she will watch. When she is anxious or upset, music is a certain way to calm her down and brighten her mood, especially if it’s Bruno Mars.

Izzy F
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