Ways to FUNdraise

There are so many fun ways to get involved in fundraising for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Get creative! Design an original event, or use one of our examples below.

Athlete’s Challenge

Elementary to high school students will enjoy hosting faculty vs. student basketball and volleyball games to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Raise funds by charging to play or by charging admission to the game. You can hold this event on Friday at the end of the day!

Bake Sale/Book Sale

Ask the community, parents, or cafeteria to donate baked goods or books and then host a book sale or bake sale and donate the proceeds to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Or host a book sale and a bake sale at the same time!

Bike-A-Thon for Children’s

Students collect donations for each mile or lap they ride. Hold your Bike-A-Thon on a Saturday and open it up to the community. Don’t forget to have participants wear their bike helmets!


Sponsor a carnival with a specific theme, such as Wild West or a Hawaiian Luau. Include food, games, live music, face painting, clowns and door prizes. Dance for the Kids: Organize a school dance and charge admission or add $1 to the price of the ticket.

Float Contest

Each classroom or grade level designs a float using a wagon. Have a parade of floats during a school assembly or sporting event. Have students, teachers and parents vote on the best float by donating money in a designated collection jar. The float raising the most money wins.

Flower Sale

Sell flowers, candy, or balloons to help celebrate a special holiday.

Gridiron Challenge

Place two large collection jars at the entrance to the football field, one for each team, and announce the collection as the “off the field challenge.” Each time the score is announced for the game, the “on the field challenge,” the leader should be announced for the “off the field challenge” as well. At the end of the game, the winner of both the game and the collection should be announced with the total amount raised announced as well.

Ice Cream Social

Host an Ice Cream Social at school and donate the proceeds.

Parking Space Give-Away

Offer the best parking space in the faculty or student parking lot to one student per month. The student is chosen randomly from those that have bought raffle tickets in support of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Decorate the spot so only the winner is allowed to park in that spot.

Penny Wars

Collect Change for Children and have classrooms or grade levels compete. Pennies count as positive points, and silver coins count as negative points. Classrooms or grade levels “sabotage” the other classrooms or grade levels by putting silver coins into opponents’ buckets and pennies into their own. The winner is the classroom or grade level with the most points. For a fun twist, pit students against faculty.

Read-A-Thon for Children’s

Have students get pledges from families and friends on how many books they read in one night or during a month. You also could host a story time for younger students. Make it fun and have everyone wear their pajamas.

Sporting Event Collections

Show your school spirit at sporting events by selling face decals or by painting faces for a donation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Ask for donations as people enter the sporting event and during halftime.

Toy Drive

Hold a toy drive to collect items from the hospital Wish List. You could also collect blankets, pillows, activity kits, or toiletry kits for parents.

Walk-A-Thon for Children’s

Have students walk around the school’s track for a designated amount of time. Charge a “walking fee” of $5 for each student that wishes to participate and encourage students to peer to peer fundraise online through Children’s Champions. Make a party out of the event by playing music and offering snacks to the students that participate.

Nationwide Children's Hospital is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (EIN: 31-1036370).