Voices of Support

The success of the On Our Sleeves campaign wouldn’t be possible without the following voices of support.

Ashley Eckstein

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"Today, I pledge to be an advocate for mental health. I am not a medical professional and by no means am I an expert, but I plan to educate myself and find ways to help. For now, I am just a voice that is no longer willing to stay silent, and a voice to that's here say that if you are struggling, you are not alone and that there is hope. We have a stigma to break."

Ashley Eckstein, Actress and Author

Amy Loochtan


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Whitney Travels


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Candace Read


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Pray For Sleep

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"On our sleeves means a lot to me, I love the movement because it lets kids know it’s okay to not be okay. But it’s not okay to stay not okay. The campaign brings both education and awareness while also telling personal stories to those kids dealing with mental health issues. So glad to be apart of such a great cause!"

Cameron Dickson, From the Band: Pray for Sleep

Achea Redd


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Hannah Baker


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Steve Werman

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"I have little kids who are about to grow up in a world different from the one I was raised in; primarily influenced by social media and the abundant access to content at their fingertips. It is going to be tough as parents to manage that and my hope is that children will feel comfortable talking about their feelings and dealing directly with the challenges they will inevitably face. This movement is so important for the well-being of all children and I'm so proud of Nationwide Children's Hospital for being on the front lines of this mission!"

Steve Werman, VP of Finance at HOMAGE

On Our Sleeves


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Bev Adams


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Kelsea Gunner


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Wendy Bradshaw

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"Mental health is a silent epidemic that we need to address openly so our children can feel safe to share how they truly feel and what they are struggling with internally."

Wendy Bradshaw, Executive Director of Community Affairs & Philanthropy Thirty-One Gifts

Emily VDW


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Jessica Lynn Hall


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Kristen Orlando

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"This campaign couldn't be more important or more needed. Mental health is something that touches so many, whether through personal experience, family or friends. The most important thing to know is this: you are not alone. You are loved. You are important. We are here. And we are listening."

Kristen Orlando, Young Adult Author

Kalynn Elizabeth Smith


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Natalie Folchi


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Nathan Sawaya

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"As an artist who uses a child’s toy as an art medium, I often hear from kids about their struggles and stresses - their desire to fit in and be accepted for who they are and what they like, and to have the freedom to express their passions and pleasures without criticism and ridicule. I applaud Nationwide Children’s Hospital for their dedication to providing meaningful resources to kids and their families, and for actively raising awareness and having the important conversations surrounding children’s mental health."

Nathan Sawaya, The Art of the Brick
Pray For Sleep

What does On Our Sleeves mean to you?

"It's really important to us to break the stigma around mental health, especially with children and young adults because we all have personally dealt with depression and anxiety and have seen the effects it can have if left without treatment. We have had friends commit suicide because they simply didn't know how to deal with their mental health, so to have this campaign to raise awareness and educate means others won't have to deal with the struggles alone, and maybe one day no one will have to learn to cope with the loss of close friends and family because of programs like this."

Grant Decrane, From the Band: Pray for Sleep
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