Chloe's Story

Approximately 25% of children are teased or bullied. This rate doubles for children who have special health care needs.

These statistics don’t have to be.

That’s why stories like Chloe’s are so important to tell. And so important for our kids to hear.

We encourage you to sit down and take the time to watch Chloe’s story with your kids and start your own conversations about bullying.

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We all have a role to play in helping to stop bullying. Providing an open ear, education on the impact of bullying and teaching social and emotional skills to increase empathy are all ways to help.

Why Do Kids Bully Other Kids?

Bullying can happen at various stages of development for children. Younger children may present with aggressive behaviors as they are learning to control their emotions and respond to conflict. Some kids model behavior they have seen in their environment, while others use it as self-defense if they have been a victim of aggressive behavior themselves. Family conflict can also be a contributing factor. It’s important to remember that the child doing the bullying may have been traumatized and needs help as well.

Looking for the Signs of Bullying?

Tools 4 You: How to Combat BullyingBullying Tips

Our Nationwide Children's Hospital's behavioral health experts have compiled a resource for you on this important topic: 10 Tips to Teach Your Kids on How to Combat Bullying.

Click on the image to the right to download the tips. We encourage you to share it with other caregivers and supporters like you.

Cards for Kids Like Chloe

This February, show kids like Chloe how much you care. Kids who are being treated for medical conditions. Kids who need encouragement. And all kids who pass through the doors of Nationwide Children’s.

February Card
February Card
February Card
February Card