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<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Peace Sign

On Our Sleeves: Peace Sign

A symbol of several significant moments in history, and still significant today, the peace sign means many things: calmness, grounded, or rational thinking.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Phone

On Our Sleeves: Phone

Sometimes we just want to be heard. To know someone is on the other line, listening.  A phone call is a way to show support, to nurture, to reach out.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Question Mark

On Our Sleeves: Question Mark

For some, question mark means a feeling of confusion or a fear of the unknown. For others, a question mark means a sense of curiosity, or looking for a way to help — to give others the hope they need to move forward and start a conversation so that each question asked can find an answer.   

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Rainbow

On Our Sleeves: Rainbow

By providing kids with the support and tools they need, we can help ensure all kids feel the hope and the uplifting spirit of a rainbow.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Sad Face

On Our Sleeves: Sad Face

A sad face is one of the most recognizable signs of sadness or loss, disappointment or feeling bummed out. But for some, it can represent a far more complex range of emotions.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Star

On Our Sleeves: Star

A star is a beacon of hope - a shining light that guides the way. It’s a symbol of positivity, happiness, renewal.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Storm Cloud

On Our Sleeves: Storm Cloud

The sight of approaching dark and ominous storm clouds may bring worry and fear of the unexpected.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Sunshine

On Our Sleeves: Sunshine

Warmness, radiance, happiness. Sunshine can be awakening, directional and a blanket of warmth.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Wilted Flower

On Our Sleeves: Wilted Flower

What does a wilted flower mean to you? The bowed shape of the flower is telling … a shape that emotes shyness … nervousness. I don’t want you to see me. Maybe you don’t want to be called on in class or in a group setting. You want to hide from the rest of the world.

Icon Collection

Icon Collection

Each icon represents potential thoughts and feelings someone could have, using simple illustrations to symbolize complex emotions. Your experiences will define what these icons mean to you.