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<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Butterfly

On Our Sleeves: Butterfly

Just as a butterfly symbolizes our unlimited potential through the support and love we give to one another, it reminds us that our hope can be bigger than our fears.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Alarm Clock

On Our Sleeves: Alarm Clock

Every morning when an alarm clock goes off, it’s the start of a new day.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Anchor

On Our Sleeves: Anchor

For some, the anchor means hope… calm… stability. On the flip side, the anchor can be seen in a negative light.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Broken Heart

On Our Sleeves: Broken Heart

Whether it’s your own broken heart or the broken heart of someone you love, feelings of loss can be overwhelming.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Broken Pencil

On Our Sleeves: Broken Pencil

Every day, students get out their pencils to start their school day. The snap of a pencil carries so much meaning - anger, frustration, anxiety.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Exclamation Point

On Our Sleeves: Exclamation Point

The exclamation point can mean excitement, surprise or an intense level of happiness for some. But an exclamation point also can have a negative meaning for others.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Flower

On Our Sleeves: Flower

Radiant and pretty, the flower is often a sign of happiness.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Full Heart

On Our Sleeves: Full Heart

What fills a heart is unique to each person, whether it’s love, family, friendships, learning or giving back in some way, we all find purpose in different things.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Happy Face

On Our Sleeves: Happy Face

The happy face is one of the most recognizable signs of pure joy, often representing feelings of happiness, satisfaction, well wishes and humor.

<em>On Our Sleeves</em>: Letter

On Our Sleeves: Letter

A letter is a thoughtful investment in someone’s time and feelings. In today’s hyper connected world, it’s an opportunity to slow down and embrace how words never seem to carry the same meaning as they do on paper.