Social Media Activation

Find everything a company will need to advocate for pediatric mental health. Learn how to use the corporate voice to support mental health for kids everywhere.

Social Media Pledge

A company can choose to elevate the impact of a financial gift by creating a social media gift pledge. A business can pledge to donate a dollar amount for every “like” or “share” or other social media engagement initiative. This allows a company to set aside a budgeted gift amount while also increasing the impact of the On Our Sleeves platform.

Create Your Own Company Fundraiser

Create a corporate fundraising team or page and encourage employees to create their own digital fundraising pages and share on social media channels. Corporate groups can also create a Facebook fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for On Our Sleeves. This is a good option to engage loyal followers and employees..

Activate the Social Media Toolkit

The digital toolkit includes On Our Sleeves assets and messaging to help a business be an advocate for children’s mental health. The toolkit will include assets such as photos, frames, patient stories, and a link to make donations to the cause.

Partner With Us

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