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On Our Sleeves : Broken Pencil

What does a broken pencil mean to you?

Every day, students get out their pencils to start their school day. The snap of a pencil carries so much meaning - anger, frustration, anxiety. That snap might come from the struggle with homework, learning disabilities, bullying, and separation from their parents. At that moment, it’s just too much.

As students face these common challenges, it’s important for them to have support that includes guidance counselors and teachers who will recognize the early signs of bottled frustration and negative feelings before things seem too big to conquer.

If you are a student and things are starting to build up, reach out to a trusted adult. If you’re an adult and see that something just doesn’t seem right with a student, don’t wait for the student to ask for help. Reach out and offer a safe space and support to have a conversation about what might be happening. Show you care.

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