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One in 5 children is living with a mental illness. But kids don’t wear their thoughts on their sleeves, so it’s time to give them a voice. This channel is dedicated to that exact cause. Our behavioral health expert, Gina McDowell is here to help you and your child navigate the storm of mental illness. We’ll provide the most up-to-date, relevant information regarding children’s mental health. Look for tools, resources and advice as you continue your journey to wellness. And please like our channel and subscribe for new content posted every other Tuesday.

What to Expect at Counseling

We often hear that families are nervous to start counseling, mainly because they don’t really know what it’s all about, which is completely understandable! Here are a few things you might expect.

How to Start a Convo

How to Start the Convo

Learn a few, simple tips for starting this needed conversation with your kids.

How to be an Advocate

How to Be an Advocate

Learn more about this role and steps you can take to achieve it.

Giving Back

Does Giving Back Help Our Kids During the Holidays?

Learn what you can do to make sure everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

How to get mentally fit

How to Get Mentally Fit

Learn three things you can do to keep your brain in shape for 2019 and beyond!

Dos and Donts When Talking Mental Health

Do's and Don'ts When Talking About Mental Health

Learn about words you should avoid and how to use the correct language to help break stigmas.

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

Gina McDowell gives us the obvious and not so obvious signs a child may need therapy.

How to Deal with a Broken Heart

How to Deal with a Broken Heart

Check out our four ways to help ease the process.

Eating Disorder Awareness

Eating Disorder Awareness: 3 Things You Should Know

Our experts have three things you should know regarding eating disorders.

Why a Good Nights Sleep is Important

Why a Good Night's Sleep is Important

Find out how to make sure everyone in your house is getting the rest they need.

Stress and Self Care

Stress and Self-Care

Behavioral health expert, Gina McDowell has 3 tips for incorporating self-care into your routine to combat stress.

Insights from an Autism Parent

Insights from an Autism Parent

We sat down with a parent of an autistic child to learn more about ASD and how you can be an advocate for these children and their families.

Your Child's Use of the Internet

Your Child's Use of the Internet

Screen times is defined as any time spent on an electronic device. Learn about the pros and cons of kids spending time with these devices.

10 Ways to Advocate

10 Ways to be an Advocate

If you are interested in continuing your mental health advocacy and creating awareness in your community, follow Gina McDowell's 10 tips.

Child Abuse Awareness: Know the 3 R's

Child Abuse Awareness: Know the 3 R's

Learn how you can help protect children against abuse by using the 3 R's.

Keeping Your Child Mentally Fit Video

Keeping Your Child Mentally Fit for Summer

Here are some tips to help find a balance for kids over the summer.

What to Expect at Counseling Video

What to Expect at Counseling

Here are a few things to expect at your first time at counseling.

How Parents Can Compare to Back to School Time

How Parents Can Prepare for Back to School Time

Follow our three simple steps to a successful start to the school year.

Answering Questions About Your Hospital Stay

Answering Questions About Your Child's Hospital Stay

Answering questions about your child's hospital stay can cause stress and anxiety. But, it doesn't have to if you follow some simple tips.

Tools You Can Use as You Wait to See a Therapist

Tools You Can Use as You Wait to See a Therapist

We know that waitlists for services can sometimes be long. Here are a few things you may be able to do in the meantime.

Transitioning from Child to Audlt Care

Transitioning from Child to Adult Care

This switch can definitely be hard, but we have 5 tips for you to make the change go as smoothly as possible

How to Search for Behavioral Health Information Online

How to Search for Behavioral Health Information Online

How do you find behavioral health information? Our experts gave us a list of good websites you can use to find information about mental health.

Additional Videos

Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect of Pediatric Mental Illness: Let's Break the Stigmas

It’s time for change. For conversation. For communities to come together. It’s time to break the stigmas.

image that says suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10 to 19 year olds

Talking With Kids About Suicide

According to national statistics, we lose more than 2,000 children and teens per year to suicide. Experts say parents who check in regularly with their child could have a life-saving conversation.

behavioral health

Behavioral Health Initiatives for Our Young Patients

With increased communication and knowledge of resources, we can combat the stigmas and help our young people in all communities.

eTeen Mental Health

eTeen Mental Health

In today’s world, everyone uses the Internet. It’s a good way to find quick answers to our questions. Here are some tips for finding information about your mental health online!