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On Our Sleeves Animated Icon What does a storm cloud mean to you?

On Our Sleeves: Storm Cloud

What does a storm cloud mean to you?

Darkness, anger, impending doom … the sight of approaching dark and ominous storm clouds may bring worry and fear of the unexpected, that something scary and harmful might happen. Storm clouds also might reflect an inner sense of chaos and darkness or a reminder of something painful that has happened. Traumatic incidents or frightening experiences can leave a child feeling unprotected, continuously on guard, anxious and depressed. Hopelessness can set in when someone else doesn’t see that you have been hurt, doesn’t help, or when bad things keep happening.

On the other side of a storm can be hope. When you are not seeing the light that comes with a break in the clouds, reach out to a trusted adult. Get the support you need to weather your storm, and to feel the warmth of the sun.

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