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Summer Mental Fitness Guide

The long summer days mean more free time and warmer weather. Our guide has several ways you can maintain structure and help keep kids mentally fit this summer.

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Get Mentally Fit

Keeping our brain in shape is just as important as physical fitness. That's why we have 22 suggestions for you and your family to help stay mentally fit.

Suicide Myths

5 Myths About Suicide

Test your knowledge about the five myths surrounding suicide.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Empowering Song Playlist

Help us building our On Our Sleeves Empowering Song playlist!

Fighting Winter Boredom

Fight Winter Boredom

Your guide to fighting winter boredom.

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Intentional Creativity®

The Intentional Creativity® method brings an innovative, groundbreaking, transformational approach to your busy life.

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Icon Collection

Each icon represents potential thoughts and feelings someone could have, using simple illustrations to symbolize complex emotions. Your experiences will define what these icons mean to you.


Video Resources

Watch and learn from our variety of video resources to share with you and your family. 

Convo Starters

Convo Starters

Ask your kids their favorite joke. Or the best thing about school. Our experts have conversation starters to help you encourage discussions about thoughts and feelings in everyday life.