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Mentally Fit Challenge

How to Talk to Your Kids About Mental Health

Here are tips for approaching difficult topics and initiating a healthy rapport with your child that will last a lifetime.


Wait Time Tips

Difficulties accessing behavioral health care can be both frustrating and stressful for families. Learn what you can do to help your child while you are waiting for services.

8 Ways You Can Support Families Teaser

Caregiver Support

Here are five ways you can support a friend turned caregiver of a child who has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

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Dealing With A Diagnosis

Once your child receives a diagnosis, there can be a flood of emotions. Here are other ways to stay informed and help with your journey.

Suicide Prevention

Helping a Friend

A strong support system has been shown to improve how people adapt to living with a mental illness long term. 

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How to Find a Provider

Finding a mental health provider can be really challenging. Here are some tips on navigating the mental health care system.

Mentally Fit Challenge

Routines for Young Children

Repetition, in the form of routines, has many benefits for children.

Behavioral Health Careers

Glossary of Mental Health Providers

Learn about the many types of mental health providers who have relevant training, specialization and skill in assessing and providing mental and behavioral health services to children and adolescents.

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