What are Learning Disorders?

A learning disorder is when a child has trouble learning in certain school subjects. Your child may have problems with reading, math or writing. His or her skill is below what is expected for the child’s age, grade level and intelligence. The problem is bad enough to interfere with school or everyday activities.

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Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities: Helping Children at School

Epilepsy is not just about seizures. What many people don’t realize is that for some children with epilepsy, problems with learning and school performance can sometimes be harder to deal with than the seizures themselves.

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Dyslexia: Helping Kids Who Struggle with Reading, Writing and Spelling

Children who struggle with reading, writing or spelling can be perceived as lacking intelligence or motivation, but they may actually have dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability resulting from deficits in phonological awareness, rapid automatic naming, working memory and processing speed.