What is Depression?

Depression is a common and serious form of a childhood mental disorder. It is more severe than normal sadness. It can interfere with a child's energy, concentration, sleep and appetite. And it can go on for weeks, months or even longer. Up to three percent of children and up to eight percent of adolescents suffer from depression. Fewer than half of those afflicted receive the treatment they need.

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Is Social Media Making Your Kid Depressed?

A recent study from San Diego University identified a correlation between the increased amount of time teens spend using electronic devices and increased symptoms of depression.

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Easy Ways to Prevent Seasonal Depression

When it’s cold it’s hard to get motivated and find ways to be active indoors. Most people tend to experience symptoms of seasonal depression during the winter months, or those who suffer from depression year-round report an increase during this time of year.

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

Gina McDowell gives us the obvious and not so obvious signs a child may need therapy.

Behavioral Health

Managing Depression, Anxiety and Other Behavioral Health Issues in Primary Care

An estimated 20 percent of children struggle with mental health illness. As awareness grows, the call for primary care physicians to play a leading role in care grows louder.

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Hypnosis is a state of increased awareness. It happens when a person intensely focuses his or her attention.


PediaByte 385: Pre-teen Depression

Listen to Dr. Mike explore symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of depression in pre-teens.

Major Depression in Adolescents

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How to Deal With Adolescent Depression

Depression is different from a regular down mood, because it lasts longer and feels stronger or different from typical sadness. Sometimes it is a feeling of emptiness, lack of feeling or being irritable, cranky and easily angered.

Myths About Suicide: Depression is a Sign of Weakness

Depression is a real and serious condition. It is not much different than a chronic health condition in its ability to impact someone’s life. It can have both emotional and physical symptoms and make life very difficult for those who have it.

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Talking to Your Kids About Depression and Suicide

Talking to your child about suicide may be the toughest conversation you ever have, but it may also be the most important.

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Suicide: The Conversation We Should Have With Our Kids

One of the best things we can do is give our young people the power to talk about mental health issues and topics as challenging as suicide without shutting the door. Even if your child is doing well, this is a powerful opportunity to help your child see it is okay to be emotionally open and could help them talk openly with friends.

Patient Stories



Life no longer felt manageable for 17-year-old Julia when she walked into Nationwide Children’s Hospital Behavioral Health Services. She found herself at a crisis point; depressed, anxious and completely exhausted of her thoughts and emotions.

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“I want to be in the dark, alone, and I want to be unconscious.” Leah traces her depression and anxiety directly to her childhood. She moved to Ohio at eight years old when her father passed away from cancer.

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Drey's mother, Denise, shares the story of her son's tragic death.