On Our Sleeves Partner Assets Terms and Conditions

Nationwide Children’s Hospital grants your business or organization a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free permission and authorization to use the [On Our Sleeves™ ] trademark assets (the “Assets”) solely for the following purpose:  Raising awareness for pediatric mental health and/or funds for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in connection with [cause marketing and fundraising as set forth in the Agreement between the Parties] (the “Purpose”).   In an effort to protect the trademarks, tradenames, and associated branding elements which are part of the Assets, the content and copy of each asset and message has been carefully selected and created specifically for your Purpose.

To ensure quality control and to protect the Assets and associated goodwill, businesses, organizations or individuals approved to use the Assets are required to agree to the following terms of use.

You agree:

  1. To use only the Assets approved by Nationwide Children’s and delivered to you for use in connection with the Purpose.
  2. To comply with the Asset brand usage standards which can be found at [insert website address].
  3. To refrain from use of the Assets in a manner that creates the perception that Nationwide Children’s endorses, sponsors, or approves of your products or services.The Assets may not be used in any product or service advertising or marketing without specific approval in writing from Nationwide Children’s.
  4. To refrain from any use of the Assets which implies an affiliation with Nationwide Children’s.This means that the Assets may not be used to make an affiliation with any religious or political group.
  5. To use the Assets as provided to you without altering or modifying the size, proportions, font, design, arrangement, colors or elements or animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.All modifications of the Assets must be approved in writing by Nationwide Children’s.
  6. To use the Assets in a manner which reflects positively on Nationwide Children’s and its non-profit mission.This means that the Assets will not be approved for use in connection with advertising or events focused on alcoholic beverages, tobacco, firearms, or which Nationwide Children’s finds in its sole discretion to be objectionable to include advertising or events considered to be obscene, pornographic, violent, intolerant, disparaging, denigrating or sexually-charged.
  7. That you may not further assign or transfer any of your rights to use the Assets to any other person or party.
  8. That your use of the Assets will not: infringe upon any intellectual property rights of Nationwide Children’s or any other third party; violate any state, federal or international law; or damage Nationwide Children’s established goodwill in its Assets and its other trademarks, tradenames, or logos.
  9. That Nationwide Children’s reserves the right to make changes to any previous approvals of the Assets at any time, for any reason, and you agree that you are responsible to comply with any requested changes.If you do not agree to the requested changes, then the permission and authorization shall be considered revoked and all use of the Assets provided to you shall cease.
  10. That Nationwide Children’s reserves the right to revoke the permission and authorization to use the Assets for any reason. Upon notice of such revocation, you agree to stop use of the Assets immediately. 
  11. To indemnify and hold harmless Nationwide Children’s Hospital against any and all claims arising from your use of the Assets. 
  12. That these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and any dispute arising out of this Agreement or any matter related hereto shall be brought in the courts in Franklin County, Ohio. 

For further assistance or clarification regarding these terms of use, contact TrademarkTeam@nationwidechildrens.org.