Name: Maliyah


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder


  • Behavioral Health

Maliyah's Story

Maliyah was three and a half years old when she was diagnosed with autism. That’s when the learning began: her mom had heard of Autism but didn’t know what it was. Between her own research and what the doctors were telling her, she had to process a lot of information. That was overwhelming at times.

To keep life more manageable, Maliyah’s mom tries to follow the same schedule every day and keeps socializing with others at a minimum. It’s hard when people don’t understand their challenges. She says, “If you just look at Maliyah you don’t think anything’s wrong with her. But then you might see her having a crisis where she’s screaming or hitting or yelling and you’d think ‘What’s wrong with her?’”

Maliyah’s family is focusing on doing everything they can to see her succeed. All they really want is acceptance and understanding. Her mom says, “People don’t realize that kids on the spectrum have a sense of humor or a personality…and she really does.”

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