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Foreign Body Removal

A child or adolescent may swallow a coin, toy, large piece of food that is not chewed well, or other object. If this gets stuck in the esophagus, it must be taken out. To do this, an endoscope (fiber optic tube) is passed through the mouth and into the esophagus. Various tools (graspers and baskets) are available that can be passed through the endoscope and then used to grab the object and pull it out of the esophagus. If the object gets through the esophagus and into the stomach, with time it will usually pass through the rest of the intestinal tract and come out in the stool. For this reason, foreign bodies in the stomach only need to be removed by endoscopy if they are causing symptoms (such as abdominal pain or vomiting) or if the object has remained in the stomach for a prolonged time.

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