Read articles from the September 2019 issue of PediatricsOnline.

Nation’s First Clinical Trial for Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation

A novel-movement-based therapy is being evaluated in infants who suffered a stroke as newborns or in the womb.

John David Spencer, MD

Paving the Way for Natural, Antibiotic-Free Treatment for UTI

The latest in the body of antimicrobial peptide research suggests RNase7 may be a useful prognostic marker and potential therapeutic option for UTIs.

Research Collaborative Improves Outcome Prediction in Children With Posterior Urethral Valves

Pediatric Urology Midwest Alliance (PUMA) data sharing allowed researchers to address novel research questions for this rare disease.

Variation in Functional Measurements of the Left Ventricle

Pediatric Heart Network study shows that interobserver variability is increased for younger and smaller patients.