Read articles from the June 2019 issue of PediatricsOnline.

Richard Shell

FDA Approves Novel Gene Therapy for SMA

Children with SMA1, the number one genetic killer of babies under 2 years of age, fail to meet motor milestones and typically die or require permanent mechanical ventilation by age 2.

Headache and Migraine Resources for Primary Care Providers

Developed by pediatric neurologists, these resources include a practice tool for diagnosis and management, and a quick guide to preventative and acute migraine medications.

Benjamin T. Kopp, MD

How Does Secondhand Smoke Exposure Harm Children With Cystic Fibrosis?

Altered immune and inflammatory responses hinder clearance of bacterial infections.

Seymour Fracture

Most Seymour Fractures Can be Effectively Treated in the Emergency Room

After decades of unclear optimal management for Seymour fractures, evidence suggests orthopedic surgeons need not treat all of these cases in the operating room.

Linda H. Cripe, MD

Use of Cardiac MRI to Monitor Medical Treatment of Rhabdomyoma

A new case study shows success of using cardiac MRI – rather than electrocardiogram – to monitor tumor regression of rhabdomyoma in a newborn with an mTOR inhibitor.

What is “Dry Drowning,” and How Do I Talk to Parents About It?

Bema K. Bonsu, MD, and Daniel J. Scherzer, MD, Emergency Medicine physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answer these common questions from primary care providers.