Read articles from the July 2019 issue of PediatricsOnline.

Chronic Pancreatitis: Pediatric and Adult Cohorts Show Similarities in Disease Progress Despite Different Risk Factors

A large, international study highlights room for improvement in care and transition of patients ages 17 to 24 years old.

Carl Backes, Jr., MD

Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure: Which Patients and When?

New review cites need for randomized clinical trials comparing conservative management, surgery, and catheter-based closure.

Sudarshan R. Jadcherla, MD

Swallowing Functions Remain Worse in Preterm Infants Even at Full-Term Equivalent Age

Preterm infants exerted greater effort than full-term infants to consume less than half the volume in a recent study led by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

William Smoyer

Largest Study of Glomerular Diseases Sheds Light on Pediatric Subtypes

Researchers find differences in clinical presentation and treatment patterns between subtypes and between adult and pediatric diagnoses.

Janice Townsend

When Should Fluoride Supplements be Prescribed to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Janice Townsend, DDS, chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers a question often asked by pediatricians practicing in communities lacking fluoridated water.

Pushing the Boundaries of Regional Anesthesia for Complex Urological Surgery

Physician-researchers extend the possibilities for regional anesthesia using combined spinal/caudal catheter anesthesia, allowing even complex, time-consuming pediatric urological surgeries to be completed without general anesthesia.