Acid Suppression Should Not Be the First Treatment for Infants With Reflux

Although common, the use of acid suppression medication lacks evidence and could cause adverse effects.

Image of a heart

An Algorithm Helps Detect Blood Flow Patterns Correlated With a Heart Attack Precursor

Coronary microvascular disease (CMD) is a complication of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and studies suggest the disease may be a precursor to a heart attack — a common cause of death among people with either condition.

Asthma: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Developed by pediatric pulmonologists, this tool includes establishing an asthma diagnosis, steps to take during an initial asthma visit and an example of an asthma risk assessment.

Ross M. Maltz, MD

Stress Alters the Gut Microbiome

Gastroenterologists are no strangers to the link between the brain and the gut. Patients are more likely to experience disease flares, increased inflammation and poor health-related quality of life during periods of stress.