A Potentially Effective Way of Targeting Ewing Sarcoma

Every Ewing sarcoma cell line tested in a recent study had sensitivity to the agent SP-2509, now in Phase 1 clinical trial.

Are We Turning Away Too Many Pediatric Donor Hearts?

More than half of all pediatric donor hearts are declined for use each year, despite the fact that many children die waiting for a heart. But why? And what can be done about it?

Avoiding General Anesthesia in Achilles Lengthening

Spinal anesthesia has good results and avoids potential adverse effects of general anesthesia in infants undergoing TAL.

Clinical Benefits Found for Pediatric Asthma Patients in a Pulmonary Rehab Program

FEV1, shortness of breath score and physical quality of life were all improved after participation in a formalized program.

Lower Socioeconomic Status Is Associated With Worse Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke Outcomes

Very low income patients had 3x the risk for worse 1-year outcomes compared with high income children.

Saving Constipation Treatment Costs With a Bowel Management Program

A protocolized approach significantly reduced ED visits and hospital admissions for children with chronic constipation – and became a driver for surgical referrals.

Thickened Preterm Formulas Can Exceed AAP Concentration Limits

Common ready-to-eat formulas for babies born preterm can have osmolalities much higher than recommended when they are thickened or fortified.

Urine Concentration App Outperforms Common Clinical Hydration Measures

An innovative mobile phone application determined hydration status better than thirst, urine color scales and dipstick tests in a pilot study.