What is “Dry Drowning,” and How Do I Talk to Parents About It?

Bema K. Bonsu, MD, and Daniel J. Scherzer, MD, Emergency Medicine physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answer these common questions from primary care providers.

Janice Townsend

When Should Fluoride Supplements be Prescribed to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Janice Townsend, DDS, chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers a question often asked by pediatricians practicing in communities lacking fluoridated water.

Headache and Migraine Resources for Primary Care Providers

Developed by pediatric neurologists, these resources include a practice tool for diagnosis and management, and a quick guide to preventative and acute migraine medications.

Addressing Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Primary Care

Primary care providers play an important role in recognizing the disorder and in providing a bridge to mental health care providers.

Volleyball player

Evaluating Common Sports Injuries in Primary Care

Adolescents sustain more than 2.5 million sports-related injuries per year, and a large majority are related to the knee or shoulder. Concussions, if improperly handled, may lead to life-threatening complications.

Asthma: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Developed by pediatric pulmonologists, this tool includes establishing an asthma diagnosis, steps to take during an initial asthma visit and an example of an asthma risk assessment.

Michael T. Brady, MD

Should “Non-High Risk Patients” With Uncomplicated Influenza be Given Antivirals?

Michael Brady, MD, an Infectious Diseases specialist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers this common question from primary care providers.

Seth Alpert, MD

Frequently Asked Pediatric Urology Questions From Primary Care Providers

What is the most appropriate antibiotic for a urinary tract infection? When does a patient with penile adhesions need to be referred? Seth Alpert, MD, pediatric urologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, addresses these and other common concerns.

Thomas L. Pommering, DO

What are the Current Recommendations for Workup and Imaging for Lower Back Pain and Possible Spondylolysis in Children and Adolescents?

Thomas L. Pommering, DO, Chief of Sports Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers this common question from primary care providers.

When Should Breastfed Babies Be Supplemented?

Vanessa L. Shanks, MD, neonatologist and medical director of the Lactation program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers this commonly asked question from primary care providers.