Return to Play After COVID-19

There is evidence that COVID-19 may affect the heart more than other viruses and has the potential to cause myocarditis. The following guidelines have been developed to help determine what, if any, testing should be done before student athletes return to play after testing positive for COVID-19.

Young Boy Sitting Outside

Improving Guidelines for Pediatric Hypertension Diagnosis

Pediatric hypertension now affects more than 3% of children and adolescents. A recent pilot study highlights additional diagnostic criteria for clinicians to consider when evaluating children for hypertension.

Emergency department hallway

The New Emergency Department — for Behavioral Health

How pediatric hospitals are creatively tackling the unique care needs of a growing population of youths in crisis.

Mother holding infant close to chest

When Should Breastfed Babies Be Supplemented?

Vanessa L. Shanks, MD, neonatologist and medical director of the Lactation program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital answers this commonly asked question.

Specialists Collaborate to Improve Ovary Preservation

Race Is a Risk Factor for Postoperative Death in Apparently Healthy Children in United States

African American children were nearly 3.5 times more likely to die within 30 days after surgery, compared to white peers.

Pediatrics Nationwide COVID and CHD

COVID-19 in Children With Congenital Heart Disease

Data are still emerging, but COVID-19 – and the subsequent inflammatory syndrome sometimes seen in children – could have serious cardiac impacts.


Study of Children With COVID-19 Admitted to US and Canadian Pediatric Intensive Care Units

New publication examines the characteristics and outcomes of children with COVID-19 who were admitted to North American PICUs.

Provider's hand on a computer mouse

Fighting Back Against COVID-19 Misinformation on the Web

Misinformation on the internet is nothing new, but in the age of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for health care experts to speak up for evidence-based care.


How to Increase Continuous Glucose Monitoring Utilization in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

An innovative quality improvement project grew the use of CGM nearly six-fold in 2 years.

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Oral Food Challenges: The Most Important Test in Diagnosing Food Allergy

Food allergies currently affect 5-8% of children and can dramatically impact their family by increasing anxiety and decreasing quality of life.