Guidelines for Respiratory Virus Testing

Recently updated, this resource includes a decision tree for respiratory virus lab testing and talking points providers can use with families when choosing not to test.

Children exercising in gym class

Exercise as Medicine: What Does This Really Mean?

A child’s lack of exercise can contribute to numerous health issues.

Trending Research

Medical Marijuana 101

Experts in pediatric health care are carefully considering what legalization of medical marijuana could mean for children and adolescents with chronic or severe illness.

Medical professional holding newborn baby

CMV Testing: Why You Don’t Need Legislation to Make It a Good Idea

CMV is the leading non-genetic cause of sensorineural hearing loss in infancy and childhood. Identification of newborns with congenital CMV infection can improve their outcomes by early intervention programs and/or antiviral treatment.

Little Boy Wearing Football Helmet

Study Finds No Correlation Between Brain Function and Head Impacts After Two Seasons of Youth Tackle Football

In a prospective study of children playing tackle football, researchers find minimal changes in neurocognitive outcomes – and any changes were not correlated to number or severity of head impacts.

Tick penetrating the skin

What You Need to Know About Tick-Borne Diseases

Ranges of disease-carrying ticks are shifting in the United States. Combined with family travel, this means physicians and families should have a wider lens on what tick-borne diseases they might encounter.

Janice Townsend

When Should Fluoride Supplements be Prescribed to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Janice Townsend, DDS, chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers a question often asked by pediatricians practicing in communities lacking fluoridated water.

Three teenagers sitting at a park

Let’s Talk About Having “The Talk”

Known famously as “the talk” due to its taboo nature, the conversation with children about healthy sexual practices is often considered daunting for many parents, but this conversation doesn’t have to be difficult.

What is “Dry Drowning,” and How Do I Talk to Parents About It?

Bema K. Bonsu, MD, and Daniel J. Scherzer, MD, Emergency Medicine physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answer these common questions from primary care providers.

Seth Alpert, MD

Frequently Asked Pediatric Urology Questions From Primary Care Providers

What is the most appropriate antibiotic for a urinary tract infection? When does a patient with penile adhesions need to be referred? Seth Alpert, MD, pediatric urologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, addresses these and other common concerns.