Awards and Recognition

(From the March 2023 issue of MedStat)

Physician Recognition

Medical staff leadership would like to acknowledge physicians for recently receiving positive comments from patients and families. These comments are only a brief sample of the many compliments our physicians receive regularly.

Laurie J. Glader, MD, Section Chief, Complex Care

“The cerebral palsy clinic is such a great program, especially for parents that live a way away from Columbus. It allows a comprehensive and cohesive care approach, and you don't have to make numerous trips for different appointments. I would and do recommend Nationwide Children’s and its caregivers to my acquaintances who have special needs children. Your cerebral palsy clinic and its caregivers are top-notch.”

Joy Lynn Mosser-Goldfarb, MD, Dermatology

“Dr. Mosser-Goldfarb is wonderful! She talks to my daughter (and me) as an adult and includes her in all decisions. She also realizes that life gets in the way of the perfect medicine regime and plans alternatives to still tackle the issues. She takes the time to really listen and explain things.”

Morgan Wurtz, DO, Emergency Medicine

“Dr. Morgan Wurtz was so very kind to my son and explained everything to him prior to doing her exam. She explained everything to me in a way I could understand. I felt very confident in the plan outlined and what to look out for when I took him home. Would recommend this facility to anyone who has a child and needs emergency services. I was reassured my concerns about my son’s respiratory issues were valid and never once felt judged for bringing him in to be evaluated. The care and concern offered by the entire team made me feel so much better as a worried parent. I can't thank the team enough.”

Cory N. Criss, MD, Pediatric Surgery

“Every single staff member we came across was amazing, patient and helpful. The RN,Eden (Braun) went above and beyond, and she never left the room without a smile on my and my son’s face. She was like a breath of fresh air every time she checked on him. His surgeon, Dr. Cory Criss, was so kind, and informative, listened to and answered all questions in a way that was easy to understand and was amazing with my child.”

Anne M. Connolly, MD, Neurology

“Dr. Connolly is patient/family centered in her care delivery. She speaks candidly and compassionately. She goes above and beyond in the time she spent with us. I actually feel guilty about how generous she is with her time. She is patient and gives us warm fuzzies every time we have met with her, in spite of a difficult diagnosis. She treats us with humanity and emphasizes the strengths of our son. I am so grateful she takes care of my child.”

Peter J. Mustillo, MD, Allergy

“Thank you for your patience with our son - being on the spectrum he has a lot of anxiety about new people/trying/doing new things. You really helped make an otherwise scary experience tolerable for him to successfully complete the allergy testing.”

Janice Townsend, DDS, MS, Chief, Pediatric Dentistry

“The dentist went through everything and made my 5-year-old comfortable. He even sat still for x-rays. I love the fact she listened to us about my son being a wiggle worm. She was great when my son wanted to love on her. She gave hugs back.”

Richard J. Wood, MD, Chief, Pediatric Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

“I am more than pleased with our experiences with Dr. Wood. You can tell he truly cares for his patients and families.”

Jorge A. Vidaurre, MD, Neurology

“Dr. Vidaurre is the most responsive, brilliant and compassionate doctor we could ask for. He personally calls us almost every single time we call in with a question or concern. On the occasions when a nurse calls us back, they are always great! I always feel that our daughter's needs are addressed quickly and thoroughly. Dr. Vidaurre is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. He is always so kind, patient and thorough in his discussions. He always takes time to explain everything. Importantly, he knows our daughter. He knows us. He honestly treats us like family. He is brilliant in his field, always up on the latest medications and treatments being explored. I cannot emphasize how much his care for our daughter means to us. He is like a lifeline to us as parents when the scariness of having a child with a seizure disorder overwhelms us.”