Intermittent Skilled Nursing Providing Best Outcomes

(From the March 2019 Issue of MedStat)

Homecare Intermittent Skilled Nurses (ISN) provide continuity of care from inpatient to home for pediatric patients who require additional medical care for a short period of time upon hospital discharge. This continuity of care enables treatments within the hospital to often continue in the home. Examples of patients receiving care from ISN are those referred for home infusions, for Asthma Express or the Synagis Program.

Our nurses instruct families on best practices in caring for their children at home, providing initial instructions regarding medication or equipment use prior to being discharged from the hospital. Subsequent Homecare nursing visits include assessing and caring for the child, as well as ensuring families are not only comfortable but also competent in providing continued care to their child at home.

Pediatric, skilled nurses are helping Nationwide Children's Homecare lead our peers nationally in decreased infection rates. Techniques Homecare nurses are using in the home – such as mouth swabbing and good oral hygiene for trach patents – show success and bring promise for decreasing infection rates and the length of infections within the hospital.

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