Innovation and Discovery

(From the March 2019 Issue of MedStat)

Asthma: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Federal guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma have resulted in greater accuracy in diagnosis. Clinicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have developed a practice tool to help guide diagnosis, initial treatment, follow-up visits and care and treatment of comorbidities. The tool also provides a checklist to help physicians assess asthma risk and impairment, measure impairment escalation, determine how much a patient understands asthma and treatment, and whether he or she is using medication appropriately. Learn more in this PediatricsOnline article.

New Guidelines for Home Oxygen Therapy in Pediatric Patients

Children with severe and/or chronic lung and pulmonary vascular diseases often need home oxygen therapy, but there has been a lack of evidence of who should receive it, when, how and when to stop. A multidisciplinary panel assembled by the American Thoracic Society has written the first national clinical practice guidelines for the therapy in pediatrics. The panel identifies conditions for which the therapy is strongly recommended and those for which it is conditionally recommended. The guidelines include several parameters for achieving optimal benefit Learn more in this Pediatrics Nationwide article.