New Year, New Process for Homecare Medical Equipment Fulfillment

(From the January 2019 Issue of MedStat)

Homecare has a new process for fulfilling Homecare Medical Equipment (HME) referral orders. The new process enables staff to ensure appropriate equipment, formula or other supplies are being received by the appropriate families in the time frame requested. This new process includes contacting the referring physician and/or practice if there are any difficulties in contacting families to confirm their location and patient information.

Once the referral order is processed, an HME Ordering Specialist calls the family to coordinate delivery. If there is no answer or response from the family, a second call is made the next day. If contact with the patient’s family has still not been completed, a third and fourth attempt are made. If by the fourth attempt no contact can be made to confirm patient information and family location, Homecare will consult the referring physician, or practice with the documented attempts to contact and deliver the HME supplies requested.

Using this new process, Homecare hopes to work as One Team to ensure best outcomes and an improved patient experience. Any questions or concerns regarding this process, please call (614) 355-1100.