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 (From the April 2019 Issue of MedStat)

Guides to Evaluate Common Sports Injuries

Concussions and injuries to the knees and shoulders are the most common sports-related injuries among the 2.5 million reported annually. The Section of Sports Medicine at Nationwide Children’s has written guides to help primary care physicians assess and diagnose these injuries. The concussion guide includes a return-to-play protocol aimed at ensuring a child or adolescent safely resumes athletics. Learn more and download the guides from the PediatricsOnline article.

National Survey Shows Emergency Department Management of Self-Harm

Emergency departments regularly provide half of 10 evidence-based management practices when treating patients who present with self-harm. A national survey of hospitals showed that 90 percent commonly assess patients for current and past suicidal thoughts/behaviors and access to lethal means and 79 percent provide a list of professionals or agencies patients may contact when in a crisis. But just 15 percent of hospitals provided all the recommended safety planning elements. Learn more in this Pediatrics Nationwide article.

Common Clinical Markers Predict End-stage Renal Disease in Children With Obstructive Uropathy

Children with obstructive uropathy may suffer significant damage to their kidneys and urinary tract during fetal development or after birth, increasing their risk of end-stage renal disease. Up to half will end up needing renal replacement therapy. Researchers have found that age-specific baseline measurements and measurements over time of eight common markers collected from testing urine and serum chemistries may help them predict who will need the therapy, and, ultimately, allow them to intervene earlier. Learn more in this PediatricsOnline article.