Dr. Bignall

“ … to promote child health equity. This means listening to and learning from members of underserved and ethnic minority communities where health disparities have the greatest impact and working with them to promote health equity from the inside-out.”O. N. Ray Bignall II, MD, FAAP

Our hospital made a promise to not only acknowledge, but foster and celebrate the diversity of each other, our patients, families, visitors, and many physician and community partners. Why? Because being inclusive and welcoming makes us better-suited to take care of those who need our help.

Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families

Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families, an initiative composed of faith-based organizations, community development organizations, youth-serving nonprofits and local public schools, seeks to create positive health outcomes in the community.

The focus is on revitalizing Columbus’ South Side, the area around Nationwide Children’s, to support the health and well-being of children and families living in the 43205, 43206 and 43207 zip codes.

The HNHF initiative targets five impact areas: affordable housing, education, health and wellness, safe and accessible neighborhoods and workforce development.

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Global Health

At Nationwide Children’s, our residents can use their elective time to complete Global Health work or to complete an Advanced Competency in Global Health.

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Pediatric Bioethics

The Advanced Competency in Pediatric Bioethics for pediatric residents provides training, experience, and skills necessary to become a physician leader in improving the ethical care of children, including one-on-one case-based tutorials with expert faculty educators, reading seminars, experience in teaching bioethics to peers and medical students, observational experience on an ethics committee, scholarship, and mentoring.

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Pediatric Advocacy Competency

This program for pediatric residents fosters and encourages interest in child advocacy by early involvement and exposure to its many aspects such as addressing social determinants of health, community collaboration, health finance, health policy and legislative advocacy.

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Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion 

One in five children has a mental health illness. The comprehensive team approach through our Big Lots Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital brings together psychiatry, psychology, specialized pediatrics, counseling, parent support specialists, social work and nursing to help with every aspect of a child’s treatment. As a national leader in childhood Behavioral Health research, we are pushing the field forward.

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On Our Sleeves was developed by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help break the stigma around child and adolescent mental and behavioral health and was introduced on World Mental Health Awareness Day in October 2018. The movement’s awareness campaign made its national debut May 9, 2019 on NBC’s “Today” show and many corporations have since joined the movement.

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