Meet Our Faculty

Thomas Bartman, MD, PhD
Associate Chief Medical Officer
Fellowship Co-Director

Sandra P. Spencer Cockerham, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician
Fellowship Co-Director

Julie B. Samora, MD, PhD, MPH
Director of Orthopaedic Quality Improvement
Fellowship Co-Director

Richard J. Brilli, MD, FAAP, MCCM
Chief Medical Officer

John A. Barnard, MD
Chair of Pediatrics
President, The Research Institute
Department Chair of Pediatrics,
The Ohio State University

Janet Berry, DNP, RN
Vice President, Perioperative Services

Michael T. Brady, MD
Associate Medical Director
Co-Medical Director for Patient Safety

Kelly J. Kelleher, MD
Director, Center for Innovation
in Pediatric Practice

Richard E. McClead, MD, MHA
Associate Chief Medical Officer

Linda Stoverock, DNP, RN
Senior Vice President
Chief Nursing Officer

Deena Chisolm, PhD
Director, Center for Population
Health and Equity Research

Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD
Director, Center for Behavioral Health

Peter Minneci, MD
Co-Director, Center for Surgical
Outcomes Research

Brian D. Kenney, MD, MPH
Surgical Director, Quality Improvement

Karen Heiser, PhD
Vice President,
Education CIPE Administration

Jenna Merandi, PharmD, MS
Medication Safety Director,
Pharmacy Administration