Neonatology Fellowship Educational Opportunities


Radiology Rounds The NICU team rounds with a pediatric radiologist each morning to review radiologic studies including x-rays, interventional studies, MRIs and CTs that have been obtained for patients in the NICU.
Cardiology Rounds The NICU team rounds with a pediatric cardiac intensivist each morning to discuss patients in the NICU with cardiac problems. The plan for each patient is coordinated between the NICU team and the cardiology consultant.
Pediatric Surgery Rounds The NICU team rounds with the Pediatric Surgery team to discuss patients of particular interest in a multidisciplinary, bedside setting.

Weekly/ Monthly


Research Training Series Weekly conferences that address topics related to research for trainees including Developing Grant Ideas, Writing a Manuscript, Molecular Biology 101, Planning a Research Study. Fellows are also given the opportunity to present his or her research in a relaxed atmosphere with other trainees.


Fetal Anomaly Conference This interdisciplinary conference is held monthly with neonatology, high-risk obstetrics, genetics, and case appropriate consultants such as urology and radiology. Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and management are discussed for the fetus with a known anomaly.
Genetics Rounds These conferences are held monthly. Members of the faculty of Genetics and Neonatology and fellows discuss patients of particular interest in a multidisciplinary, bedside setting.
Neonatal BPD Conference This conference is held monthly to discuss the progress and management of each of our patients with severe chronic lung disease. All of the cases discussed are patients currently within our neonatal system. Given the complexity of these patients, this conference is presented in an interdisciplinary manner, with neonatologists, neonatology fellows, pulmonologists, cardiologists, occupational and physical therapists, nutritionists, neonatal case managers and neonatal social workers. These conferences allow the opportunity to discuss clinical, psychosocial and economic issues affecting the care of each patient and ensure continuity throughout the patients’ prolonged hospital stay. These conferences form a core component of our ongoing BPD program.
Fellow Core Curriculum Monthly GME conferences are held to address topics that relate to all fellows in various areas of training. Topics of these conferences include Excellence in Teaching, Risk Management, Managing Stress and Fatigue, Career success in Academic Medicine.


All fellows are excused from clinical duties to attend these mandatory lectures. In an effort to provide all fellows with these valuable educational experiences, no fellow will be post-call on Thursdays so that they may attend the following didactics.

Neonatology Physiology Curriculum This conference is offered weekly and utilizes a systems-based approach to cover fundamental topics of fetal and neonatal physiology and development. Presentations are given by faculty from Neonatology, MFM, and other subspecialties. Topics presented are chosen to reflect the areas of emphasis of the neonatal board examination and are revised regularly based on the results of neonatal board and in-training examination scores. The fellow is required to present one Neonatal Physiology lecture per year of training.
Neo-Cardiology Lecture Series This conference is offered weekly under mentorship of the Pediatric Cardiologists. A case-based presentation is given by the Cardiology faculty in a small-group open discussion format and relevant literature is reviewed. Topics presented are chosen to reflect the areas of emphasis of the neonatal board examination.
Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum This lecture series is held monthly with a faculty mentor. The neonatology fellows will learn how to critically appraise the current literature and will review benchmark studies in the field of Neonatology.
Neonatal Journal Club This conference is held monthly. A neonatology fellow presents an article of particular interest within the field of neonatology. In conjunction with their mentor, the fellow is expected to analyze the significance of the study, the adequacy of the study design, the statistical methods, the results and conclusions in a critical manner. This gives the neonatology fellow experience in critically reviewing academic literature as it relates to the practice of medicine. In addition, fellows gain confidence and experience in public speaking, PowerPoint preparation, critical thinking and study design. The fellow is required to present one Journal Club Conference per year of training.
Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Conference This conference is held monthly and involves the attending neonatologists (including all the neonatology groups within the Columbus area) and the neonatology fellows. Clinical cases are discussed and issues are covered including transport management, clinical care, psychosocial issues and economic issues with patients as appropriate.
Neonatal Case Conference This conference is held monthly. A neonatology fellow presents a neonatal patient of particular interest and discusses the history and presentation of the infant. A guest expert is invited to review the literature and discuss the most recent advances in care for each disease process. Discussion, led by the fellow, then focuses on the clinical management, socioeconomic, legal and ethical issues of the case. The fellow is required to present one Neonatal Case Conference per year of training.
Career Development Curriculum This conference is held quarterly. Topics of discussion will include: Job Search Timeline, CV and Cover Letter development, Letter of Offer and Contract Process, and Financial Planning.
Pediatric Grand Rounds This is a weekly hospital-wide conference that is geared towards all general pediatricians and pediatric subspecialties. Various topics are presented weekly by local and nationally acclaimed experts in the field of pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties.


Neonatal Grand Rounds This conference is offered weekly as a venue to discuss cutting-edge Neonatology topics as well as research updates by local and nationally acclaimed experts in the field. Neonatology fellows will be expected to present their research products in their third year of training.


MFM- Neonatology Quarterly Meeting This conference is held four times a year in conjunction with theDivision of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) at OSU Wexner Medical Center. Cases and topics of mutual interest are identified for presentation and relevant literature will be reviewed. Participation and presentation by both the MFM and the neonatology fellow will occur at each meeting.


Fellowship Orientation This conference is held annually. At the beginning of each academic year, faculty members present a series of lectures and seminars designed to provide all fellows with fundamental knowledge of "nuts and bolts" neonatology. Topics include: ECMO, PPHN and NO, Ventilator Management, Seizures, HIE, Transitional Circulation, Hyperbilirubinemia, and NEC, as well as others. Neonatology fellows are excused from other responsibilities to attend these lectures.
ECMO Conference This is a week-long conference held annually and includes review of neonatal diseases that may require treatment with ECMO, technical review of the ECMO circuit, procedures for placement, day-to-day management and weaning a patient off ECMO. This course includes a "wet lab" which allows fellows the opportunity to learn how to "trouble shoot" any problems associated with ECMO while caring for a patient.