Scott M. Compton, Clinic Assistant


Scott M. Compton is a Clinic Assistant to Dr. Jonathan Napolitano. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Natural Resources-Parks and Recreation Administration. He worked for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for 16 years before moving into a small trade association executive position. He was also a registration float for Ohio Health’s ambulatory clinic sites. Prior to coming to Nationwide Children’s in 2014 he was the office administrator for a free clinic called the Breathing Association of Central Ohio where they provided medical exams, breathing tests and free asthma medications to low income children and adults. He has been involved with youth and adult sports as a coach, umpire and high school basketball referee. He and his wife Barb enjoy travel, the grand kids and participating in short and long distance running events. He is also a member of Children’s Hospital HazMat Decontamination Team.

Academic and Clinical Areas
  • Sports Medicine
    Sports Medicine Support Staff
  • Primary Department
    Sports Medicine

Undergraduate School The Ohio State University Date Completed: 06/01/1981