Jaclyn D. Groh, MSW, LSW

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

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Jaclyn Groh, MSW, LSW, a social worker for Nationwide Children’s Lung and Heart-Lung Programs, completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan with a focus on psychology and diversity in health settings. She went on to complete her master's degree from the top rated social work program in the country at the University of Michigan. Jaclyn has been a social worker in a variety of fields including maternal infant attachment, infant mental health, Autism spectrum disorder therapy and transplant.

Jaclyn’s interest in transplantation began while working at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan. She worked in pediatric nephrology and was able to follow patients through the chronic kidney disease diagnosis, dialysis initiation and eventual kidney transplant. While working with families who experienced both the joy and the hardships of the transplant journey, it became obvious that Jaclyn’s passion lied within the transplant field.

Jaclyn’s clinical interest in transplant stem from her passion to minimize psychosocial burdens and barriers for children with chronic illnesses. Transplant brings with it a unique set of psychosocial needs that Jaclyn works alongside with families to help address.

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