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David Greenberg, PhD, is a faculty member of the Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine. Dr. Greenberg's interests focus on the genetics of common disease in general and on the development of methodology for studying common disease genetics in particular. He also has the oldest and one of the largest studies in the genetics of idiopathic generalized epilepsy, with collaborations at more than 15 hospitals across the country. This research has been successful, with the identification of at least five areas of the genome that harbor genes for idiopathic generalized epilepsy, and the identification of two of the loci. His experience in real-world genetics as well as theory emphasizes the importance of understanding the clinical picture of disease in order to define the phenotype that will lead to a successful genetic analysis.Dr. Greenberg has also developed analysis approaches and has been a leading advocate for the use of computer simulation in the study of genetic analysis. He has published extensively in computer simulation and developed the computer simulator used at the 11th and 14th Genetic Analysis Workshops. He has used his experience in genetic simulation to develop a suite of programs used to teach linkage analysis and association analysis to postdocs and students. This approach has been gratifyingly successful, with trainees developing a clear sense of the strengths and weakness of linkage methods and association methods. He has also supervised the development of a genetics data base analysis system with a web-based interface that allows researchers to conduct analysis experiments and vary phenotype definitions.

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