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Courtney Kren, MSW, LSW, is a clinical social worker for the GI Clinic and IBD Team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Courtney first received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with Research Distinction at The Ohio State University (tOSU) and then continued her education at tOSU with obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work. Courtney has since specialized in the field of Medical Social Work and her main clinical interest involves helping patients and families cope during the adjustment process of a new lifelong chronic diagnosis. Courtney’s role on the IBD Team is to provide families with support and guidance by advocating for patient rights with school/work accommodations, addressing any financial needs or concerns, and providing information/linkage to community resources. Courtney also seeks to engage in psychoeducation with patients and families to explain the ways a mental health condition might impact health and functioning.

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  • Outstanding Honors Thesis Award, tOSU College of Social Work, 2017

Graduate School The Ohio State University Date Completed: 05/31/2018
Undergraduate School The Ohio State University Date Completed: 05/31/2017
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