Children's Hospital Advisory Teens

Children’s Hospital Advisory Teens (CHAT) serves as an advisory group providing opportunities for teens to share opinions and make recommendations related to hospital programs and care they receive. Established in 2001, CHAT provides perspective on the unique needs of teens with medical conditions.


  • Created CHAT newsletter for patients

  • Held CHAT carnival event for patients

  • Hosted bingo game and craft sessions for patients

  • Previewed and gave recommendations on the design of the new hospital

  • Met with leaders in the Emergency Department to discuss the patient experience

  • Provided feedback about the signs and way-finding plan at the hospital

  • Worked with multi-disciplinary teams on various projects throughout the hospital


CHAT members are current or former patients in grades 9-12. Members make a minimum of two year commitment to actively participate in meetings, events, and projects. Meetings are held monthly in a private and secure online chat room.

For more information about CHAT, please email