Time for 10! Videos

For daily use, we recommended the schedule as follows:

  • Monday: Kickboxing
  • Tuesday: Arms, Legs and Balance
  • Wednesday: Cardio and Core
  • Thursday: Sports
  • Friday: Flexibility

All five Time For 10! videos can be found below (provided via YouTube). If DVD is the preferred format for your school, you may request a free copy of the DVD by completing a simple online form. Copying and sharing is encouraged!  You may also request information to download the video files to your computer.

In addition to the videos, download all of the Time For 10! materials (available in PDF format):


Time For 10! presents a series of five videos. Each video is less than 10 minutes in length and features a fitness expert, Ohio First Lady Karen W. Kasich and schoolchildren of various ages and abilities exercising together. The videos are designed for ease of use in any school environment. Each video is themed, but can be mixed and matched and used at any time.