Time for 10! FAQs

Time For 10! offers free exercise videos and resource materials to kindergartners through fifth-graders in classrooms throughout Ohio. Check out some frequently asked questions about the program. 

What is Time for 10!?

Time For 10! is a free exercise program designed to be used during school, in the classroom, for kids K-5.

How did the idea of Time for 10! come about?

“I’ve visited schools in different parts of the state, and there was a common theme—schools were in need of simple exercise options for children that they could use regardless of resources.” – Karen Kasich, Ohio First Lady.

Mrs. Kasich learned of a program at Livingston Elementary in Columbus, Ohio, where Principal Melinda Dixon worked with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to use short, pre-recorded videos to start her students’ day with exercise. Mrs. Kasich approached Nationwide Children’s Hospital with an idea to build on Principal Dixon’s program by making a similar program available to every classroom in the state, at no cost to the school.
Why is Time For 10! a good program for schools to implement?

“Studies have shown that short bursts of exercise not only improves the physical health of a child, but also improves his or her academic performance, mood and concentration skills. “ – Travis Gallagher, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Athletic Trainer

  • Time For 10! is a simple way to incorporate additional physical activity into the school day.
  • It doesn’t require any equipment, or even a gym—all it requires is 10 minutes of time, a TV and DVD player or a computer with Internet access.
  • The program is provided at no cost. The DVDs are available for free and the videos can be watched online.
What are the benefits of the program?
  • Even short bursts of exercise can make a big difference in a child’s day. It helps them feel better, focus and learn better, too.
  • It provides a simple curriculum for schools to use to encourage physical activity—whether in the classroom or the gym.
  • The program is free and easily accessible.
What is required to implement this program in the classroom?

Time For 10! doesn’t require any special equipment, or even a gym—it only requires ten minutes. It simply takes having a TV and DVD player, or a computer with Internet access. The videos are designed for ease of use in any school environment.

How should Time For 10! be used?

The program is designed for daily use in the classroom, but it can be used in various settings. Videos can be used as a start to the school day, a warm-up during gym class, an indoor recess activity or as an energizer before lunch periods and tests. Find the use that suits your students best.

What is the goal of the program?

Our goal is to encourage daily physical activity in Ohio classrooms. We want to make it easy, accessible, efficient and free.

How does the program tie in to National Education Standards?

Time For 10! helps students demonstrate the ability to practice health enhancing behaviors, reduce risk and become better advocates for their own personal health.

As a parent, why should I encourage Time For 10! in my child’s school?

“As parents, we all want the best for our children. Encouraging our kids to be active doesn’t have to be a chore, or an organized sport—it can be as simple as taking a walk, or playing outside. It doesn’t matter what we do, we just need to keep moving.” – Karen Kasich, Ohio First Lady

Our schools want the best for our children, just as we do. This program gives both schools and parents an easy way to incorporate more activity into their lives, and at no cost.

Every family’s circumstances are different…but the important thing to remember is that every bit counts.

Are there additional program partners?

At Time For 10!, we are excited and grateful for the support and assistance of our partners. Our goal is to make this free exercise program accessible by children throughout the state of Ohio, in classrooms, indoor recess, gym class and after-school programming. Our partners provide assistance in distribution, marketing and content support via both online and offline channels.

Interested in becoming a Time For 10! partner? Complete the Time For 10! contact us form and let us know you're interested in becoming a program partner.

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