Your Pregnancy, Week 26

You may have heard about some controversies over eating fish during pregnancy. But, what's a mother-to-be to do?  

Fish and seafood, such as salmon, shrimp, tilapia, codfish, and catfish, can be part of a balanced diet for pregnant women. It’s a good source of high quality protein and other nutrients. It’s also low in fat. Pregnant women should eat eight to 12-ounces of seafood per week. 

However, some fish have high levels of mercury. These fish include shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. This can harm your baby’s developing nervous system.  Avoid these types of fish during pregnancy.  And, limit yourself to six ounces of albacore or white tuna per week.

Online Medical Reviewer: Bowers, Nancy, RN, BSN, MPHFoley, Maryann, RN, BSN

Date Last Reviewed: 5/1/2016

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