How to Talk with Your Kids About Their Weight

As a parent, you’re always thinking about your kids’ health and well-being. But what if you’ve noticed your child is overweight? Here are three ways to help your son or daughter—without making your child feel self-conscious.

1.      Share info.

Your child most likely doesn’t know as much as you do about nutrition and exercise. Talk with him or her about how certain foods and drinks make better choices than others and why.

2.      Be a cheerleader.

Instead of focusing on the foods to limit or avoid, provide plenty of nutritious choices—like fruits and vegetables—and make comments like, “That was a smart choice!” or “That’s a great way to give your body what it needs” when your child opts for healthy foods.

3.      Share the experience.

Let your child choose new foods to try. Prepare and cook them together, and talk about which ones you like and why. And have your child brainstorm ways to be more active, like going for a bike ride or playing Frisbee together.

When it comes to helping your kids, you can’t just “talk the talk.” Walk the walk by modeling healthier behaviors and your child will probably embrace them as well. If you think your child’s weight may be harming his or her health, talk with your doctor.

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