How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

No parent wants to see their child struggle in school or repeat a grade. If your child is having trouble keeping up with schoolwork, there are many ways you can help.

Schedule a meeting. Sit down in person with your child’s teacher. Write down your concerns or questions before you meet. Listen to the feedback about your child and ask about areas where he or she needs help. Then set specific goals to work on with your child, such as handing in homework on time or studying before tests.

Find a tutor. A private tutor can offer one-on-one help with any subjects your child doesn’t grasp. Spending extra time learning outside the pressure of class is often helpful for kids. If cost is an issue, your child’s school may offer peer tutors. Or check with local colleges or community centers for low-cost or no-cost tutoring.

Ask about summer programs. Your child may be able to catch up on work during the summer to avoid having to repeat a grade. Some schools also offer classes to maintain skills over the summer. Check with your school district to see what’s offered.

Encourage healthy habits. Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet can help your child be successful at school. Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast and lunch. Many schools provide these meals for children who need them. Set an appropriate bedtime and turn off all screens at least an hour before bed.

Help your child get organized. Create a quiet space in your house to do homework, such as a desk or space on the kitchen table. Keep supplies within easy reach.

Check in. Ask questions about school and show interest in what your child is learning. Find out if he or she needs extra help with homework or projects.


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