By the Numbers: Your Child’s Digital Life

These days, screens are everywhere—from smartphones to tablets and from laptops to televisions. It’s hard for parents to know how much “screen time” is OK for their children. Test your knowledge of guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on children’s media use.

Determine which of these answers goes in which blank:

18 to 24 months          5 years             18 months                   2 to 5 years

  1. According to the AAP, children age ______ and older should have consistent limits for their use of digital media. Parents should supervise the types of media kids use. It’s important that screen time does not interfere with children getting adequate sleep and physical activity.

  2. Parents of children younger than ____ are encouraged to avoid allowing their kids to use screen media, except video chatting.

  3. Children ages _____ should not have more than one hour of screen use per day. They should only watch high-quality programs, and should watch them with their parents.

  4. The AAP recommends that parents of children ages _______ who want to introduce screen time should find high-quality programming and watch it alongside their child to help them understand what they are watching.







  1. 5 years

  2. 18 months  

  3. 2 to 5 years  

  4. 18 to 24 months

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