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Epidemiology is the study of occurrence and distribution of health-related conditions in defined populations. Its uses are far-reaching and include measuring the incidence or prevalence of, and risk factors for diseases and other health outcomes; evaluating therapeutic interventions; and examining the properties of diagnostic and screening tests (i.e. sensitivity/specificity). Epidemiologic methods are particularly valuable to those investigators examining a new disease or outcome, new treatment or disagnostic tool, or those who require preliminary information about a particular disease or intervention prior to submitting a grant. The Epidemiology Core provides assistance to investigators that need or wish to incorporate epidemiologic methods into their research.

The Epidemiology Core services include:

  • Selection of appropriate study design to answer research questions
  • Assistance with selecting appropriate study populations, control groups or matching characteristics
  • Assistance with selecting appropriate measures of exposures and outcomes
  • Selection of appropriate datasets for secondary analysis
  • Assistance with basic statistical analysis and interpretation
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