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When Can My Child Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Jan 12, 2021
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With the initial distribution phase of COVID-19 vaccines now occurring in Ohio to frontline health care workers, residential care facilities and EMS responders, many parents are asking when children can be vaccinated. The answer is: hopefully soon, but not yet.

After the US Food and Drug Administration authorized two COVID-19 vaccines at the end of 2020, Nationwide Children’s has begun vaccinating approximately 2,000 frontline health care employees a week. According to Ohio Department of Health directives, the next distribution phase is for those over the age of 65, people with certain genetic, developmental or other medical conditions that potentially make them more susceptible to severe COVID-19 disease, and teachers and school staff.

Though a vaccine is not yet authorized for children, this next tier will include eligible patients with medical conditions

Vaccine trials are now enrolling younger adolescents, though approval for use in children is likely still many months away. Those without a medical condition qualifying for the next phase of vaccine distributions will be offered vaccination at a later time according to the distribution instructions of state health officials.

As vaccine production continues to ramp up, and additional vaccines are authorized, more supplies will become available and more people will be able to be vaccinated. After the difficulties that the pandemic have brought us all, it is a hopeful and encouraging development to see the light begin to shine at the end of the tunnel.

Please continue to check our COVID-19 Vaccine webpage for updates and information as it becomes available.

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